Is Extra Folic Acid Dangerous?

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I've just realized that I have been taking an overdose of folic acid (5 mg a day) for several weeks by mistake.

How dangerous can it be and what can I do for that now? I am five weeks pregnant, have had a miscarriage in the past and feeling nervous about the whole thing, even more now that I realized I've done such a big mistake!

Is there anything I can do?

Thank you,


Not to worry. It doesn't sound like you have the symptoms of toxicity, which include appetite loss, nausea, and flatulence. Excess folic acid is 1,500 micrograms per day, so I'm sure you are fine. RELAX and consult with your OB/GYN if you are concerned.

Keep taking your prenatal vitamins that have the ideal folic acid for you. For optimal nutrient absorption, have your vitamins with a meal with dietary fat present (some chicken/cheese/eggs/nuts, etc.).

Health and happiness to you,
Deborah Klein, MS, RD