Fertility at Forty

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Dear Midwife,
I am 40. I have a 20 yr old and I 5 year old. Before the 5 yr old was conceived I was told I could not have anymore children. After I had the 5yr old. I got the IUD. on 2-11-09 I had it removed.

What are my chances in getting pregnant again? I wouldn't mind it. I am already a week late and happy.

I however am scheduled for a mammogram on Tuesday the 17th. Do I need to get checked before I have the mammogram?


If it were me, I probably would have left the Mirena in the two extra years they are talking about :-), but since you are open to conceiving again, I understand. Your chances of conceiving are not large, and even if you do, your chances of miscarriage go up with age. Which is not to say that you might not have a perfectly normal pregnancy.

Call the mammogram people and let them know that you are at risk for pregnancy, and they may want to defer the exam until during your next menstruation, just to be safe.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.