Fetal Heart Rate and Excess fluids

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I have some kind of excess fluid that I'm concerned about. My doctor didn't say exactly what it might cause, they just said it will be monitored, no explanations. I think it might be extra water in the amniotic sac? Or something of that nature, I'm not sure but this is really bothering me and eating at me.

My baby's heartbeat is 174 per minute (I'm ten weeks) and I would like to know if somethings wrong or it should be this rate at this time.

Should I be worried about either of these two things? Please respond as soon as possible or I might go crazy.

P.S. I have enclosed an ultrasound picture for you to look at for yourself.


I don't believe the image uploaded. Without the image it is hard to know what was established on the ultrasound.

I will look at two possibilities without the images. First and most common around 10weeks would be that there is some fluid outside your uterus. This is called free fluid and is nothing to be too concerned about. It may be that the ovarian cyst that all women have in the first trimester ruptured.

Most women don't realize that they have an ovarian cyst (called a corpus luteum cyst) on one ovary up until 12 weeks. This helps regulate hormones until the placenta is completely formed and is quite normal. On occasion, the cyst pops and causes a small amount of free fluid to lay in the pelvis. The fluid eventually resolves itself.

The second possibility is the gestational sac is a little large for dates. This means there may be a slight increase in fluid. This is not that common at ten weeks.I would guess if this is the case it is fine.

Since the babies heart rate is very good, I would not worry too much for now.
I don't like Mommy to have any undue stress while pregnant, especially in that early developmental trimester.

Soooooooooooo relax, and try to just enjoy the life you have created:) Don't forget to ASK your doctor a lot of questions until you understand the answers given to you about your baby!!!!

If you feel like making a second attempt at sending the image I will have a look.

With regards,
--Jane, RDMS