Is the Fetal Size Small for 6 Weeks

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Today I had a vaginal ultrasound and it came back that the baby was 22mm. I don't know if there was a heartbeat as I didn't ask, but I assume not as the doctor didn't point it out. We had sex 4 weeks and 1 day before this, I am concerned that the size is a bit small, and that it may not be a viable pregnancy. I don't have another scan booked until 21 April.


I'm on the road and do not have my charts with me, so I don't have the exact dates for a 22mm fetal pole. Please note that anytime a fetal pole is seen in a viable pregnancy, a heartbeat must be seen. I will assume that since the doctor did not say anything to you about a pregnancy that has stopped growing, everything was fine. Next time you find yourself in a position like this where you're wondering if there is a heartbeat, muster up the courage to ASK! Always ask. Some Sonographers do not volunteer any information to the patients without the patient asking questions.
Because you said you had intercourse 4w 1d ago, it would make you 6w 1d along. (you always add two extra weeks on from the conception date)
Please try not to give yourself any excuses for unnecessary worry. I believe the least amount of worry by Mommy, the better it is for a healthy development of your unborn child.

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS