Fetal Well Being

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Dear Midwife,
This is my first pregnancy, I am 36 weeks pregnant. During the ultrasound iat 32 weeks it was detected that the fetal abdominal circumference was towards lower side but my ob/gyn said that it was above 10th percentile so not to be tense but to keep a track on growth I should repeat a scan after 3 weeks.

I repeated the scan at 35th week which shows all the biometric values with in normal range but AC was less i.e (27.5cm @35GA) which was 2 weeks smaller.The color doppler done to determine placental function shows everything in normal range. The estimated fetal weight also lied in normal range and above 10th percentile.

Is my baby experiencing asymmetric growth restriction?

My B.P at each visit is normal. Are there any risk to baby?


It sounds like you are getting good care, and they are keeping a good eye on things. It also sounds like the best thing you can do for your baby (which is really hard advice) is to RELAX and have fun with him/her. Play some games, listen to music together, read him/her some stories. Worry is not good medicine for babies!

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.