First Prenatal Visit Scheduled with a Nurse

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Dear Midwife,
I am 5 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I just scheduled my first prenatal appointment. I was expecting that the first appointment would be the most comprehensive one, that I would get a chance to meet my doctor and be able to ask a lot of questions. I was surprised when I learned that the first appointment wouldn't be with my doctor, but with a nurse practitioner.

Is this the usual practice? Should I be worried? Should I look for another provider?




My opinion is that you lucked out!!! This is a practice that has created the time for you to see a knowledgeable professional and for you to get exactly what you are asking for--a chance to get all your questions answered and the practice to get a complete history (and physical in some practices).

In most cases, if you want that type of care all the time, you would have to go to a midwife; but if you want a doctor (who will normally see you for only a few minutes, and not necessarily every visit), then be grateful that they have a nurse practitioner who will actually spend some time with you.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.


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Although I am not exactly sure how long ago you posted this (I couldn't find a date), I did want to post in case anyone else came across this post as I did.

I will say that I totally agree with Cynthia. I am a nurse at our tiny local hospital on labor and delivery so I regularly work with all of our physicians. My choice when looking for our OB was simple, the only practice with the two midwives (I love the physician too and it's an all female practice which made my husband and I more comfortable).

I have already found that the midwives (they also function as WHNP in this small community hospital area) are more able to spend more time with you and answer your questions. You have to remember that most doctors only work with midwives or nurse practitioners that they trust--very much. To ease your mind you can always ask the nurse practitioner or midwife how long they have been working with your doctor.

I can even say that their is one nurse practitioner here who actually has more experience than the doctor she works with.