Fluctuating HCG Levels

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Dear Midwife,
I just found out unexpectedly that I am pregnant with baby #3. I had my period (or at least I thought I did) the beginning of the month but it was very very light, I never even soaked through a tampon/pad. I originally went to the doctors because I thought that I may be having a kidney infection when the doctor came back and told me that my blood test came back positive for pregnancy.

The doctor has been testing my blood for the HCG level since last Monday and it went up from Monday to Wednesday from 6.8 to 12 then from Wednesday to Friday it went down to 10 but then from Friday to this past Tuesday it went to 37.

My question is due to the number going up is it possible to be miscarrying or having an ectopic pregnancy? I have never had either.

I also found out on Friday that I have Chlamydia, which my boyfriend and I were both tested for in August and both came back negative and neither of us has had any other partner. Could this have been why my number went down a bit but after treatment came back up?


Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Those first numbers were low enough so that the changes may easily have been due to rounding errors and the like, but now the hcg seems to be increasing, and you are not reporting any other signs of either a miscarriage or ectopic so far.

As for the chlamydia, it would not affect the hcg (only your ability to conceive in the first place--obviously not a problem). The chances that you both tested negative in August, have had no other partners and now test positive are remote, but not impossible. Again, there is a small chance that there was a lab error one time or the other. I'm assuming you were both treated promptly. You should have a Test of Cure to make sure that you both test negative now, as chlamydia can hurt the baby.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.


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Hey, I'm sitting in the same boat you are! I had a very light three day period and felt like I was getting a bladder infection, turns out I'm pregnant. This will be my first!