Gaining Weight Before Conception

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I am 26 and weigh about 95 pounds. We are thinking of having a baby soon, but I need to work on gaining weight. Please advise on how I could achieve this.



Hi Amanda,
I applaud you for reaching out to the experts but you must first see your own OB/GYN or physicians regarding this matter. There may be other medical reasons for your low weight that should be factored in before making a change in your diet. Assuming, however, you are given medical clearance to add calories to your diet, your best bet is protein shakes that include ice creams.While living at the Olympic Training Center, this was a personal favorite among the long-distance runners with typically low body weight. For many of these women, a goal is set to get pregnant after particular competitions -- World Cup, Olympics, ect. But because of their intensive training, their body fat is lower than ever. Many women use protein powders (to help build muscle tissue -- something you want and need very much) in a milk and ice cream combination to add calories to the diet.

Again, we emphasis the importance of seeing your doctor and then a nutritionist may offer you a balanced, well-padded diet.

Good luck.
-- Alex