Getting Starting With Kickboxing

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Hi. I see that you do kickboxing and I really want to learn how and would like to know if you know any good instructors. I'd really appreciate your help. I was looking up kickboxing and it pulled up this mother's page and I saw kickboxing.

Thank you for you time.


Yes, I would love to help. Kickboxing is truly one of the best forms of exercise. Not only does it tone and define muscle but it develops better balance, burns more calories and is said to be the "thinking persons" form of exercise. There are qualified instructors all over the country. The best kickbox instructors, however, are those who are certified black belts. Because they have a background in martial arts, they will be able to explain the proper foot settings, how to punch and why we move the way we do. Those with aerobic backgrounds copy the same moves but do not understand the principals of balance, self defense and control. Martial arts schools across the nation offer kickboxing classes but every class and every instructor is different. I suggest calling different schools and trying out several different schools/instructors.

My classes are always different. Mondays I might have us work on the heavy bags (learning how to punch and kick) while Tuesdays we might work up and down the floor with hand weights, lunges and tons of kicks. This keeps the class exciting but, more importantly, we are always working different muscle groups.I hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions. Perhaps if I know more about you and what you need I can be of more assistance.

-- Alex