Good HcG Levels, But Only a Gestational Sac

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I'm not sure whether to worry about this or not. I had my last period between June 10th through June 14th. My OB confirmed the pregnancy and I haven't had any bleeding. My HcG levels my levels were good. Since I miscarried last year, she sent me for an ultrasound for viability and dates.

At my first ultrasound the sonographer saw an empty gestational sac. She said I may have a blighted ovum.

The following day I had more blood drawn for HCG levels. My levels were rising as they should. The OB said not to worry about a blighted ovum.

I just went for my next ultrasound today. Again, the gestational sac is empty. The doctor at this office (not my OB) is stumped. He looked all over for signs of ectopic pregnancy but found none. He thinks he should at least see the yolk sac but doesn't.

I am going for another ultrasound but now I am getting worried that something is wrong. I also have had more blood drawn again today for my levels but am awaiting results. I have nausea, sore breasts, am tired all the time and just plain feel pregnant.

Have you ever encountered a similar situation with good results? I do have 2 children already so I know I can carry a baby. I am not sure if the baby is just so small or if there really is no baby. Any comments you have would be appreciated.


I am sorry to hear what you have been experiencing. Sometimes it takes serial ultrasounds to in the make a diagnosis.

I have seen many women experiencing complications like bleeding throughout the pregnancy and have gone to full term. Since your HCG levels are rising, all you can do is wait for the next US.

If the next US shows nothing in the sac, it is either a blighted ovum (which means a baby did not form, only the sac) or it is a pseudo sac (fake sac). A pseudo sac is a sac that forms in the uterus when you have an ectopic or tubal pregnancy. It is possible to have an ectopic and not show up on the US.

You will know one way or another next Wednesday.I always tell my patients when they have to wait a week for another ultrasound to try and enjoy every minute they have with their child. I myself went through this. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage, but I decided early I would enjoy my time with my child no matter how short or long. I hope you can do the same.

-- Jane RDMS