Group B Strep Questions

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Dear Midwife,
In my first pregnancy I wasn't tested. In my second pregnancy, they told me the test came back positive. I never understood what it was. What is Group B strep? How do you get it? Does it ever go away? If it doesn't harm me then why does it harm the baby?


The baby does not have your immune system when it is born, so there is a chance the baby will not be able to fight off the infection IF it even gets the infection when it is born. There is lots of good information about Group B Strep at on this page. Also see, Group B Strep FAQs and Group B Strep Infection.

The infection comes and goes in your vagina, even without treatment, but it takes two days to culture and find out if you even have it at the time of delivery. So the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is now recommending that every woman be tested and offered treatment during labor if she is pregnant.

-- Cynthia, CNM