Had Flu Shot and Now Baby Isn't Moving

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I am 22 weeks pregnant and I recently recieved a flu shot. Since then I haven't been able to feel the baby move. It's been 3 days now of not feeling the baby move. Is this normal? Is my baby ok?


ANY decrease in fetal movement should be reported to your provider.

It is very unlikely that the decrease has anything to do with the flu shot, and it is much more likely the result of a position change of the baby so that it is kicking you in the back (where you don't feel movement as much) instead of the front. But you should get it checked out to be sure.

Good luck!


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Did you get the flu vaccine that is designed for pregnant women? If you did then you should be fine. There is a special formula vaccine that is given to pregnant women compared the regular flu vaccine. I would call my OBGYN just to make sure. Have you tried drinking some OJ and laying on your back to feel kicks? I do this at night and I do kick counts and I am only 19 weeks. Hope all is ok.