Have I Had A Miscarriage

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Dear Midwife
I am between 4-5 weeks & 2 days ago i had some spotting that lasted nearly 24 hours, but it was only there when i wiped & wasn't there each time. I went to the hospital today for an internal scan & was told there was no sign of pregnancy. I was asked to give a urine sample & I was then told that I'm still testing positive with a pregnancy test, so a blood sample was taken which has to be repeated in 2 days.

I was told that there's a chance I am still pregnant but it might still be too early to see on the scan - how possible is this? I've had a miscarriage before & it was nothing like this - last time I had heavy bleeding & cramping - I've had no pain with this bleeding.
Thanks Jo


It sounds to me like you may have been having an implantation bleed, which is normal, and if you had a scan right after that, the baby would have been too small to see. The blood tests should give you a lot more information about what is going on. Good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM