Having a Hard Time Eating Healthy

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Dear Midwife,
I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant. I'm very excited and doing everything possible to ensure a healthy baby and pregnancy. My problem is that home cooked, healthy foods are very hard to stomach right now. I've been taking prenatal pills for almost 2 weeks but I'm nervous my baby isn't getting the nutrients he or she needs to develop properly.

Even though take-out has been my best friend these past couple of weeks, I still try to make sure it is something that has protein to say the least. I do try to eat at least one or two fruits a day, as well as a glass of skim milk.

Am I harming my baby? Do you have any advice?


I'm not sure what you are saying about home-cooked meals; are you saying you can keep fast food down but throw up healthy food? That would be really weird! But if that is what you mean, then you do the best you can through the first trimester, when morning sickness ends.

If you mean that you just don't like it, then yes, I'd say ditch the fast food, it really is not good for you and will make you gain lots of weight you don't need, as you metabolize differently during pregnancy.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.