HCG Increasing, But No Heartbeat?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
Last week, an u/s was done and my doctor said no heartbeat could be detected (6 weeks gestation). He asked me to wait a week to get another u/s. Well, it's been a week and my HCG levels are still going up (taken 3x week) and he said the embryo has grown since last week. However, he could not detect a heartbeat through u/s today. He said to wait another week and if a heartbeat cannot be detected then he's referring me to a sonographer.

Should I be concerned that he cannot see my baby's heartbeat at 7 weeks?



Hi Steph,
It is a great sign that your HCG levels are rising appropriately! My guess is, the heartbeat has not been seen because of the quality of the machine. You should be referred to either an outpatient radiology clinic that has a high quality ultrasound machine and a licensed sonographer or an ultrasound department in a hospital. This will eliminate the anxiety that has been produced by giving you a great image of the fetal pole and an answer.

In the meantime, be comforted in the fact your HCG levels are rising.

-- Jane, RDMS