HCG Levels Dropped?

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Dear Midwife,
I found out I was pregnant, Feb 11. I went to the dr at 7w3d. I had the ultrasound the next week. the technician said she could not see anything except a gestational but nothing in it. She said maybe it was too early. I went in at 10w2d for hcg levels 48 hrs apart. The next day I started bleeding. I went in to see the Dr. He said my levels had dropped from week 8 at 39,900 to 25,000 now at 10w2d. He said the pregnancy would end in miscarriage.

My question is what are the chances that there is something growing there? If not does the amount of bleeding an indicator that the miscarriage is coming?


Unfortunately, I agree with your doctor that this was probably not a viable pregnancy.

I am so sorry. Remember how loved this baby was, no matter how short your time with him/her. I'm only sorry it wasn't for longer.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.