Hcg Levels Too Low?

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Dear Midwife,
Hello, on the 15th of December I found out I am pregnant, even though I had not missed a period and was spotting. On the 16th my hcg level was 58, on the 19th it was 78, then on the 23rd it was 58 again.

My doctor told me I was miscarrying based on the bleeding and the drop in already low levels of hcg.
I asked him if it was possible for the levels to come back up because on the 24th all bleeding stopped, he said not really but before we go forward we will test again. So on the 31st I was tested again and the levels had in fact came up to 144.

So I am now wondering how low is to low?

I have an ultrasound scheduled. I have read some of the other q&a on the hcg levels so I am not panicked though I do wonder.

Also I am poor at keeping track of my period start and end dates, best I can recall November 5th was the last period and it was a normal period though looking at my due date I would have been pregnant at that time. This is my first and the sex was protected because well I didn't have plans for children. I am really feeling clueless.


Sorry, I am feeling somewhat clueless myself! I have never heard of hcg's going up and down, though that may represent a lab error. I'd agee that waiting for the ultrasound is an excellent idea; hopefully, it will clear everything up. Good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM