HcG Tests - What Can They Tell

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Dear Midwife,
My family doc ordered a "hcg quantitative" blood test to find out how many weeks along I am.

A friend of mine swears that there is no such test to determine this and thinks that my doc is a quack and I should get another doc. I AM going to a OB as soon as possible, but my family doc wants to follow along.

Is this test for real, and what are the chances that my "hcg qualitative & quantity" tests (done at two separate times) are "false positives"?

My friend doesn't even think I'm pregnant...I am stressing enough without having to deal with this.


The hcg will definitely say whether you are pregnant. If you get two done about 48 hours apart, comparing the results can also indicate if the pregnancy seems to be progressing normally.

But the hcg cannot tell you how far along you are, as womens' values vary tremendously in normal pregnancies.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.