He Really Wanted a Boy

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This question deals with gender disappointment.

We just had our third girl. I knew during pregnancy that my husband really wanted a boy this time (as did I) but while I got over it, he still seems stuck on being disappointed.

Any ideas on how to help him move past this? He’s a great dad to our other two -- but this time just seems more disconnected.


Hi Jackie,

It's a tough one and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that most guys would love a boy at some point. I think his level of being disconnected could also be associated with the fact that after the first child it's not uncommon for guys to seem less interested. They aren't but it can seem that way.

Remind him that all girls love their dads and by the time they get a bit older he'll be spoiled rotten by his princesses. He'll be fine with time but it's understandable that while he will love all the girls madly, a small part of him may always wish he had a son, too.