Heart Skipping

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Dear Midwife,
I am 23 weeks (27 years old) and started having bigymony pvc's which my heart skips very other beat, I get very winded but no dizziness, or syncope. The cardiologist said my blood work, urine, echo cardiogram, were all within normal limits.

I am a paramedic, some what stressful job but has been ok until now. They said my heart looks good and does the baby, and I can go back to work. Which is great. But they still don't know why this is happening or what has started it. And I still get very winded trying to talk and walk while this is happening.

I don't drink any caffeine, smoke, no medical problems and i take my vitamins everyday. I have gained 8lbs so far. I gained 19 with my first child. Have you ever heard of this before? Any suggestions??

Thanks for you time,


Yes, it can happen during pregnancy. But I agree, since you have been thoroughly checked out, you are probably ok. I would suggest, however, that when you are having these problems, you listen to your body and slow it way down, sit or lie down, and chill out.

You may not have had syncope so far, but we definitely do not want to "go there." Good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.