Hoping This Gender Determination Is Wrong!

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I know that you get asked this all the time. But, I am going to ask it again and pray that you will answer me. I feel at odds with the decision the ultrasound tech had because of dreams and visions.

When I first called my brother to tell him I was pregnant, my sister in-law yelled in the background, "Ask her if she is pregnant?" She said that she dreamed it the night before I called and it was going to be a girl. Ever since I was a small girl I dreamed of having a boy and a girl. An old co-worker read my palm about ten years ago and said the same thing. I don't know if I believe in it, but I still remember it. I had my little boy and now I guess that I was wrong about the little girl or could there still be a chance that the ultrasound technician was mistaken?

I was sent to a clinic that specializes in ultrasounds. The technician that did the ultrasound had been doing it since 1989 and seemed very confident. However, when she began I was having contractions and she had me empty my bladder. In turn, it made it more difficult to read. She did say that she saw the "outdoor plumbing" and pointed at an area the baby was playing with "his" little hands. She said that only boys do that and she was happy to announce that our son was going to have another brother.

What are the chances that she is wrong. Or is it I that is wrong and my "mothers intuition" has failed me? I want to be excited about having another son. I just still have some doubt in my mind and I am just not good at waiting for things. I was told that unless something negative arises this was my final ultrasound and the next time I would see our baby was when it was born. What do you think?

Thanks for your advice,


Hi Charissa,
Yes, the ultrasound could be wrong. We all are able to make a mistake no matter how much experience a sonographer has. I must say it is harder to misread a boy than a girl, because the "boy parts" are usually quite apparent. But it is possible.With dreams and visions, you must carefully differentiate between wishful thinking and a real prophetic dream or vision. Many women write to me who are having a problems confusing the two. A good solid dream, that actually shows you the gender of your child is usually pretty accurate.

A palm read by a co-worker saying a girl and a boy, I would not put too much merit into. I'm not sure if you meant you actually dreamed you had a boy and girl since you were young or that you were hoping you had a boy and girl since you were a young girl.

My advice to you now that you have had your last ultrasound is to stop putting so much energy into circumstances you cannot change. Now your unborn child needs all of you. Not a disappointed Mommy, who is longing for a girl. My beliefs are strong when it comes to limiting disappointment about the gender of a fetus.

If I have a Mother, who for example who has 3 boys at home, and I see she is having another boy I will say I can't see the gender of her child because I believe disappointment is not healthy for mother or child. The good news is no one feels disappointment when they place your newborn in your arms.

Hope I have helped you a little trying to understand that unknown world of dreams, visions and intuition.

-- Jane, RDMS

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