How can I Induce Labor?

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Dear Doula,
My due date was today but so far I have not experience any labor. How long should I wait and how can I induce labor? Is every thing normal? I can feel the movement of baby.



Hi Preeti,
Congratulations on being so close to giving birth! Anywhere from 37 weeks to 42 weeks is normal for a pregnancy to last, so your baby is still growing and thriving in there. It may be a few more days or longer until your labor starts and that is perfectly normal. If you feel you would like to help things along a bit, below are some sites that you can do some more research on and decide what is best for you.

Please remember, however, that babies come when they are "cooked," and nature has a plan for your baby's birth that is best respected. When we try to get baby out before it is ready, or before our bodies are ready to go into labor, we can run into some trouble. Your body, your mind and your baby need to be ready all at the same time.

Happy birth-day,
-- Kerry, HCHI, CHt