How Can I Tilt The Odds Toward a Boy?


Dear Doula,
I have already got a 2-year-old girl and now I want a boy to complete our family. Do you have any suggestions on how to conceive a boy?


There are many books out there that share ideas and theories on how to choose the sex of your baby but there is no for sure technique.

A friend told me, "I had three boys first and desperately wanted a girl and I got her with number four. I was so happy but don't make the same mistakes that I did. My third baby I wanted to be a girl so bad! I feel very guilty that I felt that way. I wonder if the babies sense in the womb that you want them to be something that they are not."

I encourage you to go to your local library and find the books you need but remember you may conceive a girl and your two-year-old would probably love a little sister.

-- Kerry, HCHI, CHt

Kerry Tuschhoff

Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt, CI has been in the birthing field since 1989. She taught the Bradley method of natural childbirth from 1989 to 1999 and then created the Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis course. She has attended over 250 births as a Doula and Hypno-Doula, and feels it is an honor to be asked to share such a wonderfully spiritual experience with her childbirth students.

She is also a certified hypnotherapist, trains Hypnobabies Instructors, author of Hypnobabies: Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis, a conference speaker and is Founder/Director of Hypnobabies LLC in Southern California. Kerry feels that women can enjoy their own way to give birth with excellent education, support and loving encouragement. She looks forward to helping you all have the best possible birth experience you can. Please take a moment to visit Kerry's Website.