How Can I Tilt The Odds Toward a Boy?

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Dear Doula,
I have already got a 2-year-old girl and now I want a boy to complete our family. Do you have any suggestions on how to conceive a boy?


There are many books out there that share ideas and theories on how to choose the sex of your baby but there is no for sure technique.

A friend told me, "I had three boys first and desperately wanted a girl and I got her with number four. I was so happy but don't make the same mistakes that I did. My third baby I wanted to be a girl so bad! I feel very guilty that I felt that way. I wonder if the babies sense in the womb that you want them to be something that they are not."

I encourage you to go to your local library and find the books you need but remember you may conceive a girl and your two-year-old would probably love a little sister.

-- Kerry, HCHI, CHt