How Do I Make My Child a Giving Person?


What are some activities that will help the kids focus on others and giving during Christmas? It's hard to change the focus when our children are being bombarded with ads for toys.


Many cultures have their own celebrations at Christmas. Try to use a tradition from your own culture to get ideas or use these:

One idea with have used to help turn the focus away from what the child wants is "hay in the manger." Take an empty box (a manger) and each time a child does something for someone else they put straw (strips of felt, yarn, fabric, etc) in the box. The idea is to make it comfortable with "good deeds." On Christmas Eve place a baby doll in swaddling clothes in the manger.

Go caroling! Retirement communities or nursing homes are glad to welcome you. There are some who do not have families and enjoy the company during the holidays.

Make homemade ornaments! Involve the whole family in making ornaments. Store bought ornaments are beautiful, but add that special touch by making your own. The kids will love adding their own style and love to their own ornaments. Also, encourage them to make ornaments for others.
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Kas Winters

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