How to Get Your Guy to Stay in After Ejaculation

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How do I get my fellow to stay inside me after he has ejaculated to maximize the chances of the sperm taking?


Hi Sam,
I have read that staying inside for a couple minutes does help. Short of tying him to the bed so he can't escape I don't know the answer to that one.

I'll tell you what not to do. When he has ejaculated inside you, the last thing you want to do is pull your knees up to your chest, start rocking and look like you are an insemination trap. When he says "what's going on?" and you say "oh I can't get up and can't do this or that" it is going to make him feel like you only had sex with him to produce a baby.

That might well be the case, but we don't want him to think that. So the keys (I'm starting to get this question) -- don't let him go. If he does get out, just lay there and have a nap for five minutes.

Sam and Tom,
Being Dad Team