How Many Diapers?

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My name is Erin and I am 19 weeks pregnant with our first child. I have been searching the internet for the answer to my "diaper" question, but no luck. So maybe you can help! We are starting to buy diapers and wipes just to stock up and I was wondering how many of each stage/size is a good amount to have on hand. Also I am breast feeding (so hopefully no formula) but is there anything else we can "stock up" on? Thanks for taking the time, look forward to your response!


Dear Erin,
Congratulations! You are embarking on a wonderful adventure! 19 weeks is a little early to be buying wipes, though, because they can dry out. I would wait until your last trimester for them.

As for how many diapers and wipes, the rule of thumb is about ten diapers per day but many babies go through more. You probably want a case or two of newborn diapers, and a couple of tubs of newborn wipes. You don't know how big your baby will be or how fast he or she will grow, so you probably don't want more diapers than that.

I suspect you are enjoying the nesting instinct, which tells us to start preparing for our baby. If so, you may want to channel your energy into renovating baby's first room -- your body! Women who exercise during pregnancy deliver healthier babies and have a much lower risk of C-sections.

I recommend that you check out the Pregnancy and Birth section of my site, which has lots of info and ideas for you, including a suggested Shopping List. I'm delighted to hear you'll be nursing your baby. Check out the breastfeeding pages on There is also lots of information on my site to get you started with that.

And of course the site is a comprehensive site on pregnancy and birth, and you can ask other moms directly for stocking up advice by going on the chats!

I wish you every blessing during your pregnancy, birth, and mothering.
  -- Dr. Laura