How Soon After I lose my Plug Does Labor Start?

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Dear Midwife
I am 38 weeks pregnant and told at my last appointment that I was 1 cm dilated.

How early can you loose your mucus plug? I have had discharge since the beginning of my pregnancy, but I think I may have fully lost it today. At one point today, I discharged about three times the amount I typically do.

Could this be it? If so when will actual labor begins?


The plug can be lost as much as 6 weeks before labor, but usually it happens a few days before delivery. If you are only 1 cm, it still may be a while.

Try to enjoy your baby while it doesn't need to be changed, it's not crying, and it doesn't need to be fed. This is a really neat time in your relationship with your baby, don't miss the miracle!

-- Cynthia, CNM