How Soon After a D&C Can We Start Trying

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Dear Midwife,

I had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks 1 day. This was my first pregnancy. There were never any symptoms anything was wrong. We just went for a sonogram to test for Down Syndrome and found no heart beat. The doctor said the baby died at eight weeks, right after our last sonogram.

I had a D&C. and have had a regular period. Today at my appointment, the doctor told me to wait two periods before trying again, even though he said it could take eight months before we conceive again.

I think this is an excessive amount of time. He did not do a physical check on me, so I am pretty sure that three cycles is just his basic response. I have read on the Internet that it is okay to try after two cycles.

Is the information I found online valid? I want to conceive as soon as possible.


My usual recommendation to my own clients is that they can try to conceive again if three conditions are met:

  1. They have a period that is normal both in length and strength
  2. Their pregnancy test is negative
  3. They are emotionally ready

If any of these conditions are not met, it is best to wait until they are.