How Soon Are You Nauseous?

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Dear Midwife,
I stopped taking birth control approximately 2 weeks ago. This past weekend my boyfriend and I had sex (maybe 4-6 times over the weekend) each time he ejaculated inside me, with little to no leakage afterward. The last time was Sunday morning. Tuesday evening I started feeling nauseous. I thought nothing of it. but on Wednesday and on Thursday around the same time I once again started to feel nauseous. Today, midday, once again I felt nauseous. Every time the nausea brought on a feeling like a I wanted to vomit. Several times I dry heaved. I am not the type that gets nauseous and feels like they have to vomit. I can't remember the last time (before now) that I had this kind of feeling.

Several people jokingly suggested that I could be pregnant. Might I be? Isn't it too soon for "morning sickness" symptoms or not? How soon can I check? I would really appreciate an email as soon as possible.

Thank you so much.


Yes, it is possible that you are pregnant and that you became so the day you *didn't* take the first pill of your new pill pack, which is why you may already be feeling morning sickness. Or you could have the flu . . . How about a pregnancy test in about two weeks just to check?

-- Cynthia, CNM