How True Are Dreams?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
How true are the dreams? I had a dream I was having a girl the first time and we did have a wonderful girl who is 2 now. We did not find out what we were having then. We are pregnant again and I dreamed we are having a boy it was very clear I could see the boy parts in the dream but the ultrasound says its a girl. What are my chances here of having a boy? How accurate are the ultrasounds?

I will be waiting for your reply.



Hi Krishna,
I have found over the years, dreams that predict gender are very, very accurate.

When an ultrasound is performed, and it is determined you are having a boy, it is usually right. With a boy, the genitalia is quite obvious.

When a girl is seen, there is really nothing to see -- nothing in between the legs. It is an easy mistake to make, and it is not uncommon to call a girl when it is a boy. So the answer to your question is yes, the ultrasound could be wrong.

Knowing how accurate a dream like yours can be, where the gender of your child is seen in a dream, I would not be surprised if the ultrasound was wrong. If you do find out you are having a boy, let me know so I can record your dream in my statistics.

-- Jane, RDMS