Husband is Scared of Our Newborn

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My husband is scared of our newborn!

Good grief! I cannot get him to hold the baby unless I go get her and bring her to him while he's sitting down first.

Giving a bath, dressing, or even changing a diaper? OUT of the question. He's afraid he’ll hurt her even when I've offered to show him how multiple times.

I want/need him to be a parent. If I wanted to be a single mom I could have been!


Try getting a baby carrier like a sling or a Baby Bjorn. It's a way for him to be attached to the baby and understand that he won't hurt him/her.

Having a bath with the baby can also be a good way to start feeling more comfortable as is allowing him to do some bottle feeding with expressed breast milk.

I recommend making him stay at home alone with the baby. Start off with small time period like 30 minutes and start making them longer as he gets more comfortable.

Hope this helps,