I have Post-Traumatic Stress

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Hi Dr. Laura,
I have Post-traumatic Stress. I know I have it.

I am still a child I consider myself to be because I'm still in the teenage years, I'm 19. So I was wondering could you tell me how to deal with this issue.

I got this from being in a car accident on May 2007 and suffered from eye trauma and I'm probably going to be on eye drops for the rest of my life.

But I would really like to know could you tell me how to deal with it. And how can I find a good psychologist to go to? Please I need help and plus I'm pregnant also so thats just a bit of the trouble lol.

If you could write back asap I would appreciate it greatly..


I'm so sorry that I did not see your letter until now. Being 19 and pregnant, and suffering from PTSD, sounds like an awful lot to deal with. I'm glad to hear that you're pursuing support.

I don't know where you live, or what your health coverage is, but usually the best way to find a psychologist is to ask your doctor for a few referrals. Tell him that you need someone skilled in treating PTSD. Once you get a few referrals, call their offices and see who has openings to see you soon. Don't forget to inquire about fees and what insurance they accept.

Good luck!
--Dr. Laura