I Want a Baby Syndrome

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Dear Mr. Dad,
I am 32 and have the worse case of "I want a baby syndrome." My husband is no where near ready, but I want one so bad. I cry sometimes when I visit my friends with children and I have to leave. What can I do so I don't drive my husband loony?


Thanks for writing.

I guess the place to start is to gently figure out why your husband isn't ready. He may be feeling insecure about his job, about your relationship, about money issues (being able to support the family if you're off work), the political situation, the economy, the environment, or something else.

Once you get an idea of the cause, you can help him overcome his fears by offering solutions that ease his concerns. But do it in a supportive way. Putting pressure on him or giving ultimatums is the wrong way to go.
-- "Mr. Dad"