If I Miscarried Would I Still Have High HCG Levels?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
Here's my situation. I have been undergoing IVF and recently had my embryo transfer done. Last Saturday I thought I saw some pinkish colored vaginal discharge. On Monday I had my first blood pregnancy test which confirmed that I am pregnant (hCG 284). That night I did a home pregnancy test which showed a dark line also indicating pregnancy. This morning (Wednesday) I again did a home pregnancy test which showed a fainter line than on Monday night.

My question is if I had miscarried on Saturday, would the blood pregnancy test and home pregnancy test have showed such strong hCG levels on Monday and would my home pregnancy test Wednesday morning still indicate that I am pregnant?



Dear Concerned,
A positive pregnancy test after bleeding during early pregnancy is possible. It doesn't sound to me like you have had a full miscarriage. A miscarriage is more than some pink discharge. The key to knowing if the pregnancy is growing properly is to have consecutive blood tests. Your HCG levels should double every 24-48 hours. The home pregnancy test is not a good measuring stick for you.

I would suggest a follow up visit to your doctor so he/she can send you for a new blood test.

As I tell all women in your situation. The added stress of worrying, obsessing about home pregnancy tests and other tests, do you no good. My belief is that especially is the early developmental stages, a mother should relax and bond with their child growing inside them. (You can't change the outcome of what's to come) It is a miraculous and beautiful time in your life -- whether the pregnancy goes full term or a few weeks. So stop, breath deep and begin your child's life with a stress free Mom.

-- Jane, RDMS