I'm Nervous.... First Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
My name is Ashley (22) and DH is Josh (24). I went through IVF in January and it resulted in my first pregnancy. We are so happy but I find myself sooooo scared! I have the "what ifs" you know "what if we don't see a hb?"

I had my ER 1/24 and the ET 1/29. 2/6 my first blood test was 144 and my second 2/9 was 655. No one really has explained what these numbers mean .

Tomorrow is a 3rd blood test and I just hope everything is where it should be. I have been told that we are going to do the first u/s at 7wks. Why so far away.

So far I have not felt really bad just minor cramping with no bleeding. What are my risks of miscarriage?


Your provider can give you your risks of miscarriage--there are so many variables that I don't know that I couldn't say. Your levels are good in that they are rising, but it sounds like they are rising faster than expected with one baby, which is to double every 48 hours, so possibly twins!

The reason they wait until 7 weeks is that 1) that's when things get big enough to really see and 2) that's when they can see a heart beat. Or two :-). Congratulations!

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.