Is It a Boy or a Girl?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I'm 17-weeks pregnant and had a level II ultrasound. We asked to be told the sex of the baby and the tech said 3 times, "I think its a boy but the cord is lined up with the penis so I can't be sure. If it were a girl, I would see 3 white lines and I don't see that.

"Afterwards, the doctor came in and examined me saying, "Yes, it's a boy." She then changed her mind and said, "I'm not saying anything out loud, you'll have to wait." My husband feels that the doctor examines ultrasounds all day and probably knows but didn't feel confident enough to say.

What is your feeling, is it likely that I am carrying a son?

Thank you,


Dear Laura,
Sounds like the exam was ambiguous. Sometimes when I am scanning, I will tell the mother what I think the sex is and than later in the scan, get an image that makes me feel like I spoke prematurely. This may have happened with your scan.

In my experience, the technologist is usually better at determining the sex of the baby since this is the only thing she/he does all day. I think you will just have to wait until a future exam to find out the sex.

-- Jane, RDMS