Is It Okay to Use Blue Cohosh? Follow up

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Dear Midwife,
Oh, I am at 37 weeks now. I haven't gone against advice and have been on terbutaline for 10 weeks, now not taking it any longer. I have been having contractions 10-15 minutes apart for a week now and no one will do anything to help me out, so I was thinking of trying blue cohosh now that I'm at this point. Would it still be a bad idea?


I am so proud of you for hanging in there, and grateful that you wrote back to tell me you did. So often I never find out what happened! But my advice still sticks; it is not a good idea to take anything without the agreement of your provider, and if you are not satisfied with your provider, then you should change.

Good luck, and please do let me know how it goes.

-- Cynthia, CNM

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