Is It Safe to Buy Pink?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I am due September 12, 2005. I had 3 very vivid girl dreams but my mom said, "No, I had a dream it was a boy." Well, after that I figured, "Yeah, it's probably a boy because my husband's family is nothing but boys.

"Well, Tuesday I had a 16 week 1 day u/s and he said he is 90% sure it's a girl! He usually does high risk pregnancy ultrasounds and he also did a 4d u/s for us. Now I am worried he is wrong. I do have another u/s in 2 weeks to confirm but I am scared. The u/s tech said he saw (what he pointed out to be a white part) and said it's a girl. It could also be a very small penis but he doubts it. He said if he is wrong to call him...that's how sure he seemed.

Can I go out and buy pink or should I hold off a while? I hope my girl dreams were true!


Hello, I would go with the dreams. Vivid dreams that show you the sex are extremely accurate. The doctor sounds quite confident. You could wait for two week until your next ultrasound, and if they say girl, go buy pink!

My instinct at this moment says girl.

-- Jane, RDMS