Is it Safe to Continue Exercising After Insemination?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Hello. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, but finally after no such luck tried artificial insemination 1 week ago. If it took, is it safe for me to continue jogging and sit-ups or like my in-laws said "you might jar the new development loose and lose the fetus"? I don't want to jeopardize anything.

Have you heard also if it is safe to take my Zyrtec for allergies?

Thank you.


Hi Suzann,
Medically speaking, you won't 'jar' anything loose. Olympic sprinters and marathon runners have competed while pregnant without any problems. In recent years, extensive studies have been done on how the fetus reacts to such training and the news is good. It's actually better for mother and baby. However -- certain steps of precaution must be made.

First, you must consult your doctor. Speak to him or her about what it is you do. Example, how far are you running? What are the conditions? Sprinting? Treadmill? How many sit-ups, what kind? Not because these exercises are dangerous but because you need to keep your doctor informed of what and how you train. Because we do not know your full medical history, you must be forthcoming with your doctor to get his/her approval.

Next, read about inner core temperature. (The book Entering the Mother Zone which discusses how Olympic runners trained while pregnant and the inner core temp can be purchased through our site). It is important that while you train, your inner core temperature does not exceed 101. Your baby, should you be pregnant, has no way to sweat so you need to make sure you do not overheat.How do you do this? As unpleasant as it sounds, buy a rectal thermometer and use this to periodically check your inner core temp while you are exercising. Over the years, many women have asked, "Yeah, but wouldn't you know if you are overheating?" No. Many women are surprised to see how their inner core temperature spiked while hitting a more intense level. By stopping to check, you insure safety for you and baby. The book Entering the Mother Zone talks about athletes who would run off the bathrooms/locker rooms to check temperatures.

As for the Zyrtec, there are always concerns with mixing medications. Again, without knowing your medical history it is difficult to say but, again, this is definitely something you need to present to your OB/GYN. One of the greatest problems we are having among physicians/patients is the lack of communication between doctors. Just because one doctor has prescribed something, it does not mean your other doctors know of or would approve of the medicine or dosage. Good luck and be comforted that should the insemination work (barring any complications and getting approval from your doctor), you should be able to continue with your regular jogs and sit ups.

-- Alex