Just Married -- Lots of Questions!

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Dear Midwife,
I recently got married and was wondering if it is possible to get pregnant on your period? What is a good resource to understanding the whole cycle and hormonal change? I read a little on natural family planning but it's too much information. It seems to be very complicated and I need an easy explanation.

The last question -- do you know of anything to use with a diaphragm not containing nononoxyl-9. It gives me really bad yeast infections. I heard that anything causing an acidic environment might work such as lemon juice but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?


If you have problems with nonoxynl 9, then the diaphragm is not the method for you, as to be safe, you need it. I have never heard of it giving yeast infections, but a bacterial infection is not uncommon, especially early in a marriage. If you have any discharge, you should see your provider to make sure you do not need to be treated.

It is possible but very unlikely that you could get pregnant on your period unless you had just stopped birth control pills.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.