Labor Pains, No Labor Pains...

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Dear Midwife,
Hi, I will be 40 wks pregnant tomorrow...I started getting labor pains 2 days ago and went to the hospital last night. They told me i was two centimeters dilated and i could go rest at home if I wanted, so I did since I could still handle the pains.

Throughout the night the pains slowed down and by morning had stopped and then my mucus plug came out. I found this strange, I still have no this normal??? This is my second pregnancy.


Sure, sounds totally normal to me, especially if the baby is not yet in the ideal position for delivery. I remember once having a plane to catch, and a favorite client went into labor earlier that day, even though it was not quite her due date. She had totally normal labor until 5cm, then it just stopped. I was out of the country for over two weeks, and when I returned, I asked my partner what had happened. She said that the woman had not gone into labor for another ten days, and then had delivered a 9 pound baby face up (with no stitches). Mystery solved! and a happy ending for everyone except me--I hated to miss that birth!

--Cynthia, CNM. PhD.

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