Looking for Family-Friendly Couples

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My partner and I have decided we’re ready to start our family. The rest of our friends aren't settling down yet. His guy friends still chasing girls in bars and mine too focused on finding "Mr. Right." Do you think this sounds like a recipe for a problem in our relationship?

Is there a way to navigate to other couples building their families? I mentioned that to my partner and neither of us have no clue where to even connect with these people.



Hi Maria,

I think being the first to have kids can be terrific. Your friends will love coming over to visit and most will be really understanding. What's most important is that you are both ready -- everyone else will adapt.

Join a mother's group and get the girls in the group to get their guys together. I know lots of guys who have become particularly close to other people from parents groups and its a great way to ease the strain by having others to talk to.

Hope this helps.