Losing Plug at 15 Weeks Pregnant?

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Hi there,
I'm 15 weeks into my second pregnancy. I had a small amount of bleeding at 6 weeks but the hospital confirmed everything was perfectly fine with blood tests, internal examination and 2 scans spaced a week apart.

I've just been rushing to pick my daughter up from nursery and felt like I'd came on whilst power walking. Naturally I went to the toilet when I got into the school to check everything was ok. There was no blood but a large blob of colorless mucus. It's been around 50 minutes since and nothing else.

To me, talking from experience, it completely looked like a show but I need someone to confirm this is what it could have been. I've not heard of anyone having it at this stage and there's limited information on the internet.


I have two possibilities in mind:

1) The "blob" may have been from a vaginal infection, so it would be good to be checked just in case. 2) Aome women seem to just make an amazing amount of mucus, which keeps being discharged throughout the pregnancy, with no ill effects.

Assuming your first baby came pretty much on time, it is likely that you will have another term pregnancy.

Good luck!