Losing Weight During Pregnancy

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I turned 18 a few months ago, right before I got married. My husband and I found out we are five weeks pregnant a few days ago. I used to be a top martial artist and I trained hard on a regular basis (six times a week, four hours each session) but I stopped after I started 10th grade for academics.

After getting married, I began trying to begin training like that again. I weigh 163 pounds and am 5'7" with a medium-large frame. Although that isn't too horrible, I'd like to get down to the 130 to 145 pound range, but I don't want to cause harm to the baby.

I would like to drop some weight though to be a little more healthy though before I get too far into the pregnancy. Do you have any tips for me to use or can you give me some restrictions as to what I can and cannot do?


Nope! This is NOT the time to be thinking about losing weight. Unfortunately, and this drives medical professionals and trainers around the world crazy -- women always think about losing weight WHILE pregnant. Nope. There are too many risks attached. While you are not eating for two in terms of meals, you are eating for the baby. Dieting is a huge no-no. What you can do is cut out sodas, sugar drinks, fast foods, junk foods. Focus on whole grains, dairy, fruits, veggies and protein. This would be a great time to talk to a nutritionist and your doctor.

This is the typical pregnant panic! Don't let yourself fall into it. IF you get into a safe workout routine now and eat like a super champ, when the baby is born (and you are nursing), you will be amazed by muscle memory. In my book, Entering the Mother Zone, Olympic athlete after Olympic athlete all testified to the fact that they came back stronger than ever, faster than ever, better than ever! This is the time to focus on health, not dieting.