Lotte Berk During Pregnancy

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Hi. I'm 4 weeks pregnant and was wondering if I can continue to do my Lotte Berk and Bar Method workouts through out my pregnancy? I also do Walk Away the Pounds, Pilates, yoga, and my stationary bike. Are these still safe for me to do?


Stationary bikes, pilates, yoga, walking are all fabulous ways to work out throughout your pregnancy if you have already adjusted to such workouts. We always caution against starting something new during your pregnancy unless you are working out with a trainer. And, of course, you MUST tell your physician what you are doing.

Having said this, Lotte Berk is also a great way to reduce stress, build muscles strength (you are gong to need strength in the labor and delivery room), and flexibility which will all help you recover more quickly after having a baby. Again, your physician must be apprised of your physical regimen.

Assuming that you having been doing the Lotte Berk and Bar Method for some time and have acclimated to the demands, you may continue. However, the inner core temperature is the real issue. Remember that your baby has no sweating mechanism so it is up to you to be sure not to exceed 101° F. Your baby is one degree Celsius higher than your temperature. Many moms-to-be will say, "Yeah, but I'll know how hot I am." In research labs, these moms are always surprised how their body temperature spiked and they were not even aware of it.

So, what can you do about it? Drink lots of fluids, take more breaks throughout the workout and -- sorry -- sneak off to the bathroom to take your inner core temp with a rectal thermometer. Yes, I know, it's icky but very effective and the best thing you can for your baby to ensure working out in a safety zone.

Be sure to talk to your doctor. Good luck!

-- Alex