Low Weight Gain

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Dear Midwife,
I am 33 weeks pregnant and have only gained about 16 pounds. I was a normal weight prior to pregnancy but on the low side (5'7" and 125 pounds). I feel I am eating correctly and am exercising 4 times per week (walking or riding a stationary bike) for about 30 minutes. Prior to pregnancy I ran 4-5 times per week. My doctor keeps saying I'm fine, but I am getting very worried about low birth weight. What do you recommend? Thanks!!


First, I'd go to www.mypyramid.gov or a similar web site where you can load in your portion sizes, your exercise, etc, for about three days (or longer) and it will make sure that you are getting enough (non-pregnant) calories. Then you need to add in about 3-500 calories per day for the baby.

If you are getting enough of each nutrient and enough calories, and your baby is growing as it should, I'd agree with your doctor and suggest you quit worrying about it. We don't all have to have 9 pound babies!

--Cynthia, CNM. PhD.


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Exercise is an important weight loss tool, but how much you need varies from person to person. The guidelines recommend at least 250 minutes per week, which comes out to about 50 minutes, 5 days a week. Thanks.