Measurements Decreasing as Pregnancy Continues

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I am 31 weeks they say right now. Two appointments ago I measured right at 29 cm. and then I went back two weeks later and measured 28. They sent me for ultra sound and it came back good. I went to my two week appointment today and measured at 25. They have me going to other ultrasound.

I'm not dropping and this is my first pregnancy so I don't know what to think. They tell me I am doing ok but this makes my third ultrasound in two months. I ask them how this is and they don't tell me anything. I'm keeping my weight up too so I hope you can help me understand.


My first question would be about your water intake, as insufficient hydration can cause smaller measurements. I'm also wondering about the position of the baby, as some positions make the measurements smaller.

That said, I would trust the ultrasound if they tell you your baby is growing normally and is normally formed.

Good luck!