Miscarriage or Twins?

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According to my last menses I am supposed to be 6 weeks but when I went see my doctor the scan didn't show a heartbeat. All we saw was a large cyst and two dots.

My doctor said that the dates could be wrong as I was on clomid and it could have delayed ovulation. I might be only 4 weeks pregnant but he couldnt confirm anything because he said the dots were too small.

I have to see him in a week as he is concerned that if the dots aren't a pregnancy and if I am in fact supposed to be 6 weeks I could have an eptopic pregnancy or I could have misccarried. Can you please offer me some advise?



Early pregnancy can be an uncertain time when an ultrasound reveals its results. A pregnancy must grow large enough to be visualized on an ultrasound with a heartbeat before any kind of diagnosis can be made. The viability of a 4-5 week pregnancy is usually indeterminate on ultrasound and a waiting period of a week to ten days is best before a second ultrasound is done.

At the second ultrasound, enough time has gone by for the pregnancy to be large enough to appreciate. If a pregnancy is not seen after the waiting period, the pregnancy has either stopped growing or it is in the fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy).

Because medical science has not perfected the art of imaging an extremely early pregnancy I always like to suggest to a Mommy-to-be to relax and remember to bond and connect with your unborn child. Forget about the possibilities of twins or miscarriage or anything else. The answer will come soon enough.

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