Missing a Yolk Sac?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
Two years ago I had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in my tube being removed.

I was expecting to be pregnant but took a test on September 2nd and it was only faintly positive. Then starting on Monday the 6th, I've had some slight spotting with it being heavier Thursday and Friday. I had an exam and ultrasound done today and he didn't see anything (even a sac) in my uterus. He also took blood but we won't have the results until Monday.I didn't recall the first day of my last period but am pretty positive conception was on August 5th as I remember it being around 14 days after my period in July started.

My doctor thinks my dates might be off. I think I'm having a miscarriage.

Should we have at least see something in the vaginal ultrasound today since by my calculation I should be starting my 7th week?



Hi Jodi,
In the 7th week of pregnancy a gestational sac with a fetal pole should be quite apparent on a vaginal ultrasound.Since your pregnancy test was what you call faint, you would have to wait for the HCG level to determine if you really were pregnant at all. With this blood test your doctor will know how far along you should be.

-- Jane, RDMS