My Baby Has Severe Food Allergies

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Dear Lactation Consultant,
I have a 14-month-old who has had failure to thrive, blood in the stools, purple mottling and various other health problems. Jillian has recently been diagnosed as allergic to several things -- dairy, soy, corn, shellfish and another couple. I have been advised to wean. Anyway, here's my question. How long does it takes for a food to leave the system (breast milk wise) after I eat it -- for example, if I want shellfish, but Jillian can't have any, how long does it effect the milk?

Since eliminating allergens, Jillian has grown, gained and is a healthy color for the first time in her life. After a time of Jillian being unexposed to all these things, can I begin to eat them again and maybe Jilly won't be affected?


For a food that is eaten regularly, like dairy, it can take up to two weeks to totally leave a mother's system. Foods that are eaten only occasionally usually take about 24 hours to leave the mother's system.

The good news is that as a baby's digestive system matures, she will be able to handle foods more easily. The timing, of course, varies from one baby to another.

There is also a new treatment for very allergic babies. Ask your doctor about prescribing Pancrease-MT4 to be taken with meals. That can help break down the allergens to the point where the baby will not be affected even if the mother continues eating the offending foods.

-- Nancy, IBCLC